Designers collaborate at in the design studioGreat design isn’t created in a vacuum – it results from a successful exchange of ideas between client and agency. We want to give you a taste of what working with Ambit’s creative team will be like. 


Collection of notes and supplied contentWe feel that in order to create something that a client will love, we have to first understand what a client needs. Prior to starting the project, we will meet with you to get a strong understanding of your business, your project’s target, and the goals that you hope for your project to accomplish. We’ll examine all aspects of the design, the materials that will ultimately be produced, and explore any brainstorms, brand standards, or other rough drafts that you have. This will be the foundation of what’s to come.


Concept sketches are designed in IllustratorWe aren’t throwing darts here – to create something great, there has to be an iterative process. Whether it’s a brand new concept or building on a previous campaign, our team will take your input and create a variety of concepts to get the ball rolling. We’re not looking to hit the nail on the head (although that would be nice) – we want to see what grabs you from each design, then put the pieces back together so that it works for you and your organization.  We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and will keep the project focused on your goals.


Final banners on displayThe thinking is the hard part – now we’ll kick your project into gear. We use the latest tools to translate your chosen design into a finished product. For larger projects, like books and brochures, we’ll create flexible templates that speed production while making sure that great design is maintained throughout. We also keep your projects on file so that they can be revisited in the future with much less production time. That’s how fresh design meets innovative production.