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What We Do

At Ambit, our mantra is simple: yes.

Can we revitalize your brand? Can we build a slam dunk presentation, video, or campaign from your napkin sketch? Yes all around.

We tell stories and solve problems. We have skills aplenty and we know when to use them.

The list grows daily, but here’s some of what we bring to the party:

Graphic Design
Web Design
Video Production
Story Boarding
Package Design
Environmental Design

Together with our sister company, The Ambit Works, we strive for the best solution for every project. For print, marketing, and operations firmly rooted in Boston and Cambridge, give them a shout:

The Ambit Works
Who We Are

An engineer as a COO. A New York Times Bestselling author for a Creative Director. An Account Manager who conducts wine tours…

We are curious. We are always learning. Get to know us and get in touch. We’d love to get to know you.

How We Think

At its basis, we believe that creative and design is not about making things pretty. It is about communication. A design is not good because it is beautiful, it is beautiful because it communicates its message perfectly.

If good creative is good communication, we hold firm to this: great creative starts with a great conversation.

Let's start talking


Senior Art Director

Ambit Creative Group - Brighton, MA


Art director can mean a million things to a million different people. Let your mom explain it at a party and watch everyone scratch their heads. So what does "Art Director" mean to Ambit?

We are looking for someone who can discover and develop the best aspects of our projects, our clients, and our team, and be an integral part in shaping our path forward to new design opportunities and put it all together in a harmonious and elegant communications vehicle.

  • Be critical of the Ask. You know how to step back and ask: what are we really trying to do with this project? Why are we trying to do that?
  • Be critical of the work. You know what's good and how to push to raise all projects, big and small, from good to unforgettable. You know that design must always build directly from the message.
  • Be critical of yourself and the process. No one is harder on you than you. And you bring that dedication to fine tuning the process, to finding betterment in every respect, always with the positive goal of creating a stronger team and a happier client.

So... about those clients. What do we do for them, exactly? Great question. Ultimately, we build them communication vehicles. No, we are not a car shop. So what's a communication vehicle? It can take any of these shapes (and often several simultaneously):

  • Logos and Branding. From startups to well established brands needing a refresh.
  • Websites. From landing pages for integrated campaigns to 300+ page monsters for universities.
  • Videos. Live action, motion graphics, animation, and every combination in between.
  • Print. Posters, annual reports, business cards, and brochures for clients that get that smart print works.
  • Production art. Wait, really? Yes, indeed. Many times it's what customers need, and first and foremost we're in the business of listening to their needs. And we know from experience that removing headaches for clients keeps us top of mind when juicier work comes around.
  • Ambitcreativegroup.com

Why Ambit?

We have been around in Cambridge and Boston for over 20 years. We grow alongside some of the smartest clients on the planet. Clients that are curing diseases, making the internet work, and figuring out interplanetary travel. And those smart clients have shaped what we are and continue to shape what we will become.

We started out as a small family-owned printing company, so that hands-on, artisan ethic is in our blood. We know how to get things done. Fueled by our clients and that ethic, our design group has been growing double digits for the past several years. And we're only getting started.

You'll be a working Art Director, making tough calls, multi-faceted campaigns, print-ready files, and managing projects on time and on budget. You will be navigating yourself and others through the highest end concepts for major companies to motivating the team through another client's terrible color palette, usually in the same day. You'll do all this while implementing the vision of the Creative Director, working directly with clients and our company leadership, and doing it all with style.

You love your work and you are hungry for making the world better designed, one project at a time.

If this is you, then send along your resume and a link to your best stuff! We check everything out.


Job Type: Full-time

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