What We Do

At Ambit, our mantra is simple: yes.

Can we revitalize your brand? Can we build a slam dunk presentation, video, or campaign from your napkin sketch? Yes all around.

We tell stories and solve problems. We have skills aplenty and we know when to use them.

The list grows daily, but here’s some of what we bring to the party:

Graphic Design
Web Design
Video Production
Story Boarding
Package Design
Environmental Design

Together with our sister company, The Ambit Works, we strive for the best solution for every project. For print, marketing, and operations firmly rooted in Boston and Cambridge, give them a shout:

The Ambit Works
Who We Are

An engineer as a COO. A New York Times Bestselling author for a Creative Director. An Account Manager who conducts wine tours…

We are curious. We are always learning. Get to know us and get in touch. We’d love to get to know you.

How We Think

At its basis, we believe that creative and design is not about making things pretty. It is about communication. A design is not good because it is beautiful, it is beautiful because it communicates its message perfectly.

If good creative is good communication, we hold firm to this: great creative starts with a great conversation.

Let's start talking

We are Hiring

Creative Sales Development

Ambit Creative Group


You know creative. You know design. And you know the needs that drive the business.

You are self-driven. But you love a good team. And when you're part of a good team, there's no stopping you.

You've had your toes in the creative agency pool and in sales. You're comfortable swimming in both. And you love exploring the depths for buried treasure and lost cities. But (if we're to belabor this maritime metaphor) you know how to swim clear of urchins and sharks.


We're a small but rapidly growing creative agency in the heart of Cambridge. We design knock out presentations for Fortune 500 companies and gala campaigns for Boston public radio. We support companies' in-house design teams and act as others' sole creative advisors, from branding, to web sites, to print collateral.

We are storytellers. We are problem solvers.

We're growing and we're looking for people who will drive that growth and add to our momentum.


If you're expecting some boiler-plate here, you won't find it.

Like our projects and programs, everyone's motivation is different. Does the thrill and motivation of pure commission get you going? Do you prefer specific rewards for specific wins? How about the warm comforting blanket of a fixed salary? Or a combination of all of the above? Let's talk. We'll figure out what motivates you, and come up with a compensation package that will get you excited to own this!

Besides, how can a boring list about medical insurance, 401(k), salary, commission, parking, car and phone allowances, and working with a bunch of really dynamic people even begin to speak to this role on a creative team? (Insert bending guitar note with a visual of an eagle surfing on slice of pizza here.)

Now that you're jazzed to apply, send us your resume and cover letter. We're looking forward to reading them.


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